"Later," she said practically, sitting in their modest living room. They were an average couple, conscientious and rational, choosing to be responsible before taking the leap into parenthood.

He, a man of the modern era, was supportive of her autonomy. Besides, he wanted them to enjoy their youth. "What’s the point of having it all when you’re too old to enjoy it?" he would often say.

Their home was comfortable, filled with love and the promise of a future family. "Just a bit more," they would say to each other, envisioning a future where their child would have everything she needed.

As the years slipped by, they watched their friends start families. They shared in the joy and chaos of their friends' new lives, eagerly anticipating their turn.

Finally, the timing felt right, and they started trying. But the days turned into weeks and weeks into months, their anticipation slowly giving way to concern.

So, they found themselves in the clinic, hand in hand, as the doctor's words, delivered with a gentle, regretful tone, changed their lives: "It's too late."