Becoming visible

Mild-mannered and ambitious, he was surprised when his boss said, "You're doing great, but you need to work on your visibility.”

Eager to improve, he began making small changes, speaking up in every meeting and arriving early at the office.

Unimpressed, his boss reiterated, "You need to be more visible."

Not one to back down, he began sending daily email blasts to the entire company, showcasing his achievements and his team's progress.

Still unimpressed, his boss demanded more, "I can barely see you!"

Determined to resolve the issue once and for all, he started wearing bright-colored clothes and transformed his desk into a neon light show, complete with flashing LED displays of his project milestones.

Fed up, his boss pulled him aside and said, "Your enthusiasm is appreciated, but let's remember, it's your work that should stand out, not your tricks."