Traveling luxuriously

"You've got to see this place," she bubbled into the phone. "There's a fridge in my room! And it's not just a little one—it actually has a separate section for freezing!"

"Is that so?"

"Yes, and there's an ironing board. I can iron anytime I want. It's incredibly convenient," she continued, her voice painting her smile through the phone.

"That's pretty thoughtful of them."

"Plus, the shower? Hot water comes out instantly. No waiting at all. It’s amazing."

"It sounds like they’ve thought of everything.”

"They really have! I mean, yes, it was expensive to get here, but for these comforts? It's worth every penny. I left home so I could unwind by buying the home’s amenities, while being away from home."

There was a brief pause as the words hung in the air, her enthusiasm meeting a moment of contemplation.