Sharing the love

I found myself asking everyone, "When's your little bundle of joy coming? You're not married? Hey, no time like the present, right? Kids are a blessing, man. You've got to join the dad club!"

Everywhere I went, whether it was the office, the mall, or the neighborhood, I became that guy. "It's amazing, trust me. You're missing out," I'd say. I was a walking, talking baby billboard.

My friends would cross the street when they saw me coming. "You'll understand one day!" I'd shout across the street, cradling my baby.

But at night, my baby just wouldn't sleep. Crying, wailing, non-stop. I tried everything — rocking, singing, walking around. Nothing worked. As the walls of the nursery closed in on me, I rocked back and forth, whispering to myself, "I'm not alone, I’m not. They’ll join the club soon. They will, right?"