Getting bored

God, in all His glory, decided to impress her with the wonders of His creation.

He began by pointing out a tiny insect crawling on a leaf. "Behold, the intricate design of this creature, each part perfectly crafted."

She yawned and shrugged, "Seen it already. Insects are in my backyard all the time."

Undeterred, God directed her attention to a bird soaring high above. "Observe its graceful flight, a marvel of my design."

She glanced up, unimpressed. "Been there, watched nature documentaries."

God, a bit taken aback, showed her a majestic elephant. "Look at this magnificent creature, its strength and intelligence."

She just rolled her eyes. "Seen elephants in the zoo. Big deal."

Growing slightly frustrated, God revealed a towering mountain, its peak kissing the sky. "Gaze upon this monument of natural beauty."

But she just stretched and said, "Yeah, I've hiked bigger mountains."

God proceeded to unveiling an entire continent, rich in diversity and life. "Contemplate the complexity and balance of this ecosystem."

She casually replied, "Traveled a lot. It's just another piece of land."

God, with a wave of His hand, showed the Earth from space. "Behold the planet, a jewel in the cosmos."

But she simply said, "Space travel is so last century."

Growing more determined, God revealed the splendor of the heavens, the galaxies swirling in an eternal dance. "Witness the grandeur of the cosmos."

Yet she remained uninterested. "Sci-fi movies have shown me galaxies far, far away."

Finally, God, with a flourish, displayed the vast multiverse, an infinite array of realities. "Behold the endless possibilities of creation."

She, checking her watch, said, "Multiverse? Dr. Strange played around with that already."

God, now truly challenged, thought for a moment. Then, with a flicker in His eyes, He created something new — an endless stream of short videos, each more captivating than the last, a perfect dopamine-inducing system.

She picked up a device and started scrolling. Her eyes lit up, her attention finally captured. "Oh, now this is something!"

God watched as she became engrossed, a hint of darkness in His smile. "Sometimes, to captivate a human heart, one must create a labyrinth they cannot escape."