Retiring early

Mr. Early wasn't going to work until he was too old to enjoy financial freedom. No, no. Mr. Early was the king of frugality and a master of penny-pinching.

He scrimped and saved, living his life in a spreadsheet, until the bottom line read: “Congratulations, Mr. Early, you’ve retired early!”

Now, at home, Mr. Early had all the time in the world. He could do anything, except of course, the one thing he was best at – his job.

So, he tried gardening. He planted seeds, talked to them, and watered them, but alas, watching grass grow wasn’t the thrill he had imagined.

Then, French. “Bonjour,” he murmured to himself awkwardly, the echo making him cringe. It was the only French that ever crossed his lips.

Undeterred, he bought brushes, paints, and canvases. Hours flew by as he enthusiastically painted… a colorful blob.

Every day, Mr. Early looked for a new purpose, and every day, Mr. Early realized that the journey to retirement was more rewarding than retirement itself.