No, no, no, I've napped too long. Now I won't sleep on time tonight, and I’ll be all groggy and unfocused at work tomorrow. My boss will definitely notice. He'll think I'm slacking off, and then, he'll hand me a pink slip. With me jobless, how will I keep up with the monthly payments? I’ll lose the house for sure. And I’ll end up homeless, out on the streets. I'll be scrapping for food, fighting stray dogs for leftovers.

In such a vulnerable state, I might catch something, some strange, unknown illness. Suddenly, I’m ‘Patient Zero‘ of an unprecedented global outbreak. A group of concerned scientists will find me. They'll whisk me away to a secret laboratory for study. They'll probe my brain, conduct intracranial tests, trying to uncover the secrets of this new disease.

But what if their experiments go wrong? What if they accidentally grant me telepathic powers? With these new powers, I'll escape the lab, only to become a person of global interest. Governments will see me as a threat. They'll send spies and agents to capture me. I'll have to go into hiding, moving from place to place, always looking over my shoulder. Perhaps I'll find a remote island and live there, away from civilization. But satellites and drones will constantly monitor me.

Aliens, noticing the chaos on Earth, will abduct me from my island refuge. Curious about this human who's caused such a stir, they'll take me to their planet. There, I'll become a part of their society, maybe even a leader. I'll bring peace to warring alien tribes, become an intergalactic hero.

But then, I'll start to miss Earth. I'll build a spaceship from alien technology and make my way back home, only to find that centuries have passed on Earth due to time dilation. I'll return to a world that has long forgotten about me. And there, in this future Earth, exhausted from my long journey, I'll take another long nap.