As he finished his drink, he found himself facing a dilemma: to litter or not to litter.

Holding the empty cup, he contemplated, "If everyone else is doing the right thing and keeping the city clean, surely my one piece of litter won't matter." He glanced around, noticing the pristine streets and nearly empty bins, and felt a sense of freedom to act carelessly.

But then, a second thought struck him. "What if everyone starts thinking like me?" he wondered. "If we all start littering because we think our individual actions don't count, the city, the nation, and eventually the world, will turn into a dump."

Applying game theory to end the logjam, he returned home and gathered all the trash he could find – bags brimming with refuse, discarded newspapers, and broken objects. Then, with a mix of defiance and resolve, he emptied all the bags onto the street, declaring loudly, “I am definitely littering, people, so you best stop.”