Keeping promises

I’ve made promises – to be there for every milestone, to support through every challenge, to share in every joy. These commitments, made to those who depend on me, are sacred. They are what drive me, fuel my every day. But there’s this nagging thought, an irrational fear that I won’t be able to keep them.

It’s strange, this feeling. I have everything organized. I’ve taken all the right steps to minimize risk. But sometimes, as I pause at the busy crosswalk on my way home, I think - what if a car comes out of nowhere? It sounds absurd, but the fear is there, refusing to be silenced.

But for every fear that passes through my mind, there's a stronger, more powerful force pushing me forward. It's the power of love, this unwavering commitment to provide for those I hold dear. This force transforms my perspective, turning the maze of pitfalls into a canvas of endless possibilities.