Day trading

“Those day traders won’t know what hit them,” I tell my reflection with a determined nod. I’m pumped, ready for the kill. The charts gleam. First trade, I pounce, and it nosedives. “That’s just mean,” I mutter, shaking my head—it’s just a bad start.

I lock onto the next chart. It’s inching up. Got to be the one. I buy and then it crashes, bouncing back the instant it hits my stop loss. “You’re kidding!” I splutter, a manic giggle escaping.

I’m not beaten. Not yet. Another trade, fingers crossed. I hit buy, and it tanks, mocking me by rising right after my exit. “What’s the game?” I scream at the screen, feeling the burn of betrayal.

Here's the final gamble, my make-or-break moment. Everything I have, it’s all riding on this. My hands are shaking, my vision blurs, and I feel myself swaying.

Then, the power cuts. Darkness. When the lights flicker back, the stock has soared, but—I never hit confirm. I let out a visceral scream, “Aaaaaaah!”