Being above average

The genie, with a flair for the dramatic, boomed, “I am here to grant your wish, mortal. What is your heart's deepest desire?”

Our guy, scratching his head thoughtfully, replied, "Well, I was kinda hoping to be just mildly better at stuff."

The genie paused, confusion clouding his mystical face. "Mildly? With the power to be the best at anything, you choose 'mildly better'?"

"Yeah," our guy shrugged. "See, being the best sounds exhausting. Plus, the pressure? No thanks. I just wanna be slightly above average."

The genie, still baffled, tried to reason. "But you could have fame, fortune, the adoration of millions!"

"Nah, that's alright. Just think about it. If I'm mildly better, I can still enjoy things without the stress. I won't be a threat to anyone, so I'll have more friends."

The genie, for the first time in his countless years, found himself at a loss. "So, you're telling me you want your wish to be... comfortably mediocre?"

"Exactly!" our guy exclaimed. "I want to live in that sweet spot where I'm just good enough at things. Like, I won't win anything, but I'll always make the team, you know?"

With a reluctant nod, the genie conceded. “Very well, your wish is my command. You shall be mildly better at everything you do.”