Working late

Working from home has its perks, but tonight feels different. He's usually logged off by now, but with appraisals looming, he decides to stay online longer, showing that he's dedicated, even after hours. It's just him, his laptop, and the quiet hum of the night.

He's idly browsing, making sure his status stays ‘active.’ Suddenly, he notices a name pop up as online. He's never worked with her, but why is she here so late? Curiosity piqued, he can't help but watch her status. It becomes a silent, virtual staring contest. Who will log off first?

As the night deepens, he wonders if she's watching him too. It's a strange, unspoken connection. They continue this digital standoff, each moment stretching longer than needed. The night feels endless, a battle of wills playing out hour after hour.

The first light of dawn filters through his window, painting the room in a gray hue. He's beyond exhausted, his mind numb. It's then that her status finally goes offline. He outlasted her. As he prepares to log off, victorious, a message from his boss pops up, “Great, you’re online! You’re right on time to take over from the night shift.”