Talking to my future self

I'm writing to you from a place that's kind of tough, but I keep thinking about what our life is like in the future. Are you the strong, amazing person I dream about? Have you carried the weight of everyone’s expectations?

You know, I say ‘no’ a lot. I don't eat my favorite foods, I skip fun things, and I don't buy stuff I really want. Because I want to make sure you – we – are okay in the future. They say giving it time helps with compounding, with escaping the cycle of the mediocrity once and for all.

Sometimes, I really question if the sacrifices are worth it. Everyone around me seems to be living in the now, enjoying life. But I'm always telling myself it's for a good reason. And that it’s on me to improve things for those who will follow.

I hold onto the hope that there will be time for my happiness in the future, a time after fulfilling my duties as a son, a husband, and a father. Then, you and I can begin building a bridge to a new place, a place we’ve never seen, but have always longed to explore.