Taking a cold shower

Okay, I understand the science of cold showering, how the fear triggers the fight-or-flight response, makes the brain sharper and all that jazz. It’s great in theory, as long as my mind, the one narrating this, can overpower my body’s instincts.

So, I’m there, all pumped up, telling myself, “You’ve got this!” It’s mind over matter, baby. I should be the boss of my own body. No way I’m letting it call the shots.

I inch closer, strategizing – jump straight in, or start with just a finger? Maybe a toe? Yeah, a toe sounds good. I’ll start there and then work my way up to the chest.

I glance down at my feet, and for a second, it feels like they’re looking right back at me. And then, out of nowhere, I hear it. My toes, clear as day, say, “Nope, we’re good right here, thanks.”