Taking a break

He pressed pause, stepping away for a break from work that felt necessary.

Early on, every phone call sent a shiver down his spine, a reminder of a time when he was always on call. But the familiar voices on the other end didn’t make any urgent demands.

His inbox, once a battleground of pointed fingers, became eerily quiet, allowing him to rediscover its original purpose a slow, thoughtful exchange with those in distant places.

Outside, nature had been hard at work, painting a masterpiece that the largest canvas couldn’t hold. He was awestruck by the beauty that had been visible to everyone but him.

And just as peace was starting to take root in his soul, the call came. It was the world he had left behind, refusing to let go. "Return to the fray, we’re at war, soldier.” He wasn’t ready, but the endless work marched on, and reluctantly, so did he.