He used to be a corporate gladiator, thriving in an arena of suits and swivel chairs. He wasn’t afraid to take a stand, even if it meant losing his job or facing disgrace.

This guy right here was fully dedicated to doing the right thing: for the customers, for the company, and for his principles.

But now, times have changed and he has changed with them. He has learned the hard way that blending in is easier than standing out, that surviving is easier than thriving.

So, he starts nodding his head even before you open your mouth. He agrees with everything you say, no matter how absurd. In fact, the more absurd it is, the faster he will agree.

If you want to scrap a project that took a year to build, he will ready the apologetic mass email. He will personally hold your hand and guide you through the steps to squander the company's resources. He hopes you’re happy.