He's at this job, right? It pays a lot, but feels like a trap. Every day, he suffers. "Life's tough," he tells his colleague, who's got that worn look, saying, "Yeah, man, life’s tough."

He continues, "The job's not even that great, you know, and we can’t leave because no one else will pay as much. What’s the point?"

A guy overhears them and chimes in, "You guys at least have jobs. I can't even get an interview."

A girl, still in college, adds, “Interview? I don’t even know if I‘ll get a degree.”

A woman joins, homeless, "A degree? I'd kill for a roof over my head."

Then an older man adds, "A roof? I'm losing my health. Every day's a struggle."

A young woman shares, "Health? I've got no family. Grew up alone."

Another voice, "Family? I was born in a sewer, raised on the streets."

A kid pipes up, "Streets? I was abandoned on the outskirts."

A hoarse voice whispers, "Abandoned? I snatched dinner from the mouth of a stray dog.”

On and on they go, refusing to realize that somewhere in their game of out-suffering, empathy chokes and dies.