Missing the point

"Hey, you left your wrapper on the counter again."

"Oh, sorry about that. There, all better."

"It's not just about the wrapper though. That's just a symptom."

"A symptom of what?"

"This is a pattern, a cycle of disrespect."

"Disrespect? For a wrapper?"

"I'm analyzing the context. The real issue is that you never listen or think about what matters to me. Little messes prove you just tune me out and dismiss whatever I say. It's a pattern where you completely disregard my feelings and needs. Every time I have to bring up these little inconsiderate things you do, it reminds me how little you value our life together. The wrapper symbolizes you acting selfish and not caring if I'm hurt or not. This cycle of you not considering me is what's really messing us up. The small thoughtless actions are tearing away at the heart of what we've built. You downplaying incidents like this as no big deal is exactly why we fight over it again and again. You're missing the bigger meaning behind it all."