Losing it all

"I'll never love again! She was my everything, and now she's gone," he cried out, the pain of his breakup raw and all-consuming.

The narrator interjected, "His heart will break three more times after this. Each will teach him something vital about love."

"I'm worthless, fired from my job. I've hit the lowest point in my career," he lamented, the sting of feeling unwanted fresh and unbearable.

The narrator said, "He will be let go four more times in his life, but only once will be his fault."

"I'm done with friendships. In the end, they all leave," he declared, feeling the weight of another friend's departure.

The narrator corrected, "He will form close bonds with seven more people over the coming years."

"I'm giving up on my dreams. It's clear they're not meant for me," he cried, the failure of his latest venture a bitter pill to swallow.

The narrator commented, "He will fail two more times, but the third attempt will flourish, leading to success beyond his imagination."

"I'll never be happy again. This is it; the end of joy for me," he sighed, convinced that the door to happiness was permanently shutting.

The narrator, running out of patience, interjected, "Honestly, I'm getting a little sick of his bullshit, aren't you?"