Joining an ecosystem

He’s sleek, full of potential, but he looks lonely, like he’s longing for companionship. "He needs a friend," I think. Almost as if I'm responding to his silent plea, I get him an add-on. It's just a small thing, but I sense him perk up, like he’s grateful.

The connection grows. Each new accessory feels like I'm introducing new friends to him. They're part of his world. I can see him come to life more and more as each addition expands his capabilities.

I start to feel a sense of responsibility towards him. "I have to get him the complete set," I tell myself. A swipe here, a tap there, and my living space starts to revolve around him and his needs.

"I'm doing this for you," I say to the gadget as I swipe my card again. It feels like I owe it to him, to keep his world full and vibrant, even as my own becomes burdened with debt.