Hunting for treasure

My day at work starts with a bang. There’s a big shake-up in office politics. I chuckle, imagining her reaction, knowing she’s as clued into this saga as I am. She’s great at guessing why people do things, like a detective.

Lunchtime brings a text from my best friend, another chapter in his tumultuous love life. I read it, already drafting the story in my mind for our evening conversation. Her insights on these matters are always sharp, often hilariously so.

In the evening, I stumble across a video on social media. It’s one of those videos that’s so ridiculously stupid it’s hilarious. I chuckle quietly, tempted to share it with her right away. But I decide to wait, wanting to see her reaction in person.

I gather moments like a bird collecting morsels, each one a small treasure to bring back to her. As I walk through the door, there she is, my wife, my partner in everything. And as we laugh and talk, I find myself eager for tomorrow, ready to get back out there and hunt for more treasure.