Fulfilling resolutions

It's a strange feeling, looking at these scribbled ambitions – lose weight, learn a new language, travel more. Funny, he didn't do any of that. Yet, there's no sting of failure, no bitter taste of unmet goals.

You see, this year unfolded in ways he couldn't have predicted. He didn't lose weight, but he found strength. He didn't learn a new language, but he listened wholly. He didn't stamp his passport, but he journeyed deep into the depths of his soul.

He set out this year to control his destiny, to carve a path lined with checked boxes and achieved goals. But life, with its unpredictable glory, taught him something far more valuable.

It showed him that sometimes the most incredible achievements are the ones you never planned for. His list of resolutions might remain unchecked, but his heart is full and his spirit is enriched.