Finding a good job

"We're like a family here, always supporting each other. We have team-building retreats in the mountains, yoga sessions on Fridays, and an open-door policy. The future here is bright—we're pioneering cutting-edge technology that will revolutionize the industry. The work you'll be doing is meaningful and impactful. You'll be contributing to projects that genuinely change lives. You'll find a sense of purpose every day. And our team? They're top-notch. The best in the field. Working with them is both a privilege and a learning experience."

"Impressive," he responded. "And the pay?"

"Oh, it's... okayish."

"Sorry, but my bank account doesn't accept 'okayish' as a valid deposit," he said, while walking out the door.

"Yes, but think of the experience, the culture, the—"

"See ya," he said, fading into the horizon.