Feeling worthy

Every morning, she receives a reading from the machine. This reading is her private barometer, predicting her mood for the rest of the day.

A bad reading casts a long shadow. The streets outside her window feel narrower, the sun less bright. Her smiles are forced, her interactions tense. The outside world seems less welcoming, and as the day drags on, she is constantly reminded of her gloomy morning reading.

On the other hand, a good reading makes her day sparkle with joy. The same streets bustle with energy, the colors around her seeming brighter, more lively. Every encounter, whether with a neighbor or a barista, is full of positivity, making her add a bounce to every step.

This cycle of good and bad days is never-ending. Each morning, a number flashes before her eyes, shaping her self-worth for the day. This simple weighing machine, quietly judging her body, gradually becomes the lens through which she views her world.