Experiencing flow

You’re in the zone, and I mean really in the zone. Everything is just clicking, and you're solving problems left, right, and center. You're all like, "Bam! Take that, complex situation!" and "Pow! Eat my dust, tricky problem!"

You're feeling invincible, unstoppable even. You're spitting out quotes like a motivational speaker on drugs. "The only limit is your mind," you declare proudly, as you conquer yet another challenge.

But then, just as quickly as it came, the flow disappears. Poof! Gone like the wind. You're left sitting there, staring at your screen, wondering what the heck just happened. Suddenly, someone asks you a simple question, like "Hey, what time is it?"

You glance at the analog clock on the wall, and your mind goes blank. The hands might as well be hieroglyphics. You squint, trying to decipher the cryptic symbols, but it's no use. You're officially the stupidest person in the room, and there's absolutely no doubt about it.