Decoding job opportunities

Option A: "The high-paying job that you loathe."

Congratulations on picking golden handcuffs and triple-ply toilet paper. Your tears fall in a big house, but you often think about how much peace of mind you've given up for extra square footage.

Option B: "The fulfilling job that pays in gratitude and exposure."

Bravo! You're doing what you love, even if it doesn't pay in cash. It's tough when you can't pay bills with praise, but you're hopeful. Maybe all that exposure will someday put you in the highest tax bracket.

Option C: "The job of critiquing other people’s jobs."

Visionary! You've identified the untapped market of professional opinion-having. You're good at noticing little mistakes and making jokes. It's not always easy fighting off mean comments, and you often wonder if you're making a difference.