Creating life

She sits quietly, her world narrowed to the baby inside her. Small, precious, yet so far from her arms. She longs to hold him, to touch him, but all she can do is wait, feel his tiny feet, and hope.

Her love is big, her fears even bigger. Is she doing enough? Is he growing as he should? The doctor's words, "just an anomaly, wait and see," echo in her mind. They change everything. Now, he is her only thought, her single concern.

She promises him, silently, that he is all that matters. Once he's born, once he's in her arms, everything will be alright.

The thought of being his mother, his everything, feels so big, so overwhelming. She whispers to him, "You are okay." She clings tightly to these words, trying to push away doubts. But in the quiet, when she’s all alone, her fears grow too, and she wonders if the words are more for her than for the life growing inside her.