Chasing perfection

He strides into the office, black turtleneck and all, a self-proclaimed embodiment of Steve Jobs. His latest project is his magnum opus, a product that'll redefine the industry.

He places the laptop on the table and, without a word, brings out a hammer. "It needs to be more resilient," he declares, and proceeds to whack it. When it inevitably breaks, he nods gravely. "Just as I thought. Make it stronger," he says.

Next, he brings in a giant helium balloon and ties the laptop to it. "If it doesn't float, it's too heavy," he proclaims. The team watches in disbelief as the laptop dangles limply from the balloon, going nowhere. "I want it lighter than air," he states.

He instructs his team to add a feature where the laptop would 'sigh' if not used for a few days. "It should yearn for interaction, like a forlorn lover," he says passionately.

He blindfolds himself, insisting on touching and smelling different materials, searching for the right 'feel' for the product. "It should feel like the first touch of a newborn's hand," he declares, rubbing a piece of silk against his cheek.

Finally, during a meeting where he insists the laptop should emit a faint lavender scent to soothe users, one team member, the quietest of the bunch, reaches his breaking point. He inches forward, a look of determination mixed with fear on his face. The room falls silent as he speaks, his voice shaky but resolute, "Sir, we make enterprise software, please stop.”