Celebrating a birthday

Another year, another birthday. Honestly, the whole thing feels kind of stupid. People making a fuss because the calendar says I’m a year older. I glance at my phone, dreading the well-wishes.

Don't need any of that fuss. Grown-ups shouldn't be all caught up in birthday stuff. Birthdays are for kids. What’s it even matter? It’s not like the earth pauses in its orbit to celebrate me. I scoff when friends ask what the plan is. “Plan? What’s there to plan?” I laugh it off.

As I’m about to call it a night, my door bursts open. "Surprise!" they all yell, room exploding with noise, color, and familiar faces.

I can't stop this smile spreading across my face, this warmth bubbling up inside. I'm just utterly, completely happy. “This is the best day ever!” I yell back.