Being a rebel

The world wasn’t fair, I knew that. I knew that the invisible societal structures weren’t designed to benefit me. I broke the rules, not out of malice, but out of a deep-seated belief that the system was flawed, that it needed someone to challenge it. My rebellion was my armor, my way of carving out a space for myself in a world that seemed to have no place for me.

But the less I rebelled, the more I ascended, because managing a system efficiently needs cooperation, adherence to rules, and respect for the chain of command. These are the pillars that keep everything stable, and they leave no room for a rebellion.

Now, I’m a part of the establishment. Those who feel marginalized look at me with disdain. I stand here, a symbol of the system I sought to overturn – once a rebel, now a person of interest in the next cycle of rebellion.