Aligning people

"Are you aligned?" A group of suited figures launch into the trivialities as if they're deciding the fate of the universe.

"Sure, but are you aligned?" comes the snappy retort, infusing a sense of urgency into the conversation.

"And how about that? Are you aligned with his alignment?" The word 'alignment' bounces around like a hot potato no one wants to drop.

"I'm so aligned I'm practically a protractor," boasts another, puffing up with pride over this insignificant conquest.

I seize my moment, clearing my throat with intention. "Well, I believe—"

"Outstanding input!" my boss cuts in before I even stake my claim.

And just like that, everyone’s aligned. “I’m really good at this,” I think, as the conference call dissolves into a frenzy of self-congratulatory banter and feverish note-taking.