Baby essentials

Awesome baby stuff that’s tried, tested, and parent-approved!

Baby essentials
  1. Before birth
    1. Fisher-Price Sterilizer Cum Dryer
      1. You'll have so many plastic pieces to wash, sterilize, and dry that you'll need all the help you can get
    1. Angelhood Nursing Bra
      1. Probably worth wearing even if you're not nursing
    2. Philips Disposable Breast Pads
      1. Fit perfectly into the aforementioned bra
    3. Bello Borosilicate Glass Reagent Bottles
      1. Safe for lab use, and perfect for breast milk storage
    4. Mila's Keeper Expecting Mama Starter Set
      1. Insulated breast milk storage for on-the-go convenience
    5. Similac Infant Formula
      1. Closest formula to breast milk
    6. Philips Glass Baby Bottles
      1. Safe from microplastics, easy to wash
    7. Philips Newborn Teats
      1. Best for the first few weeks
    8. Pee Safe Disposable Female Urination Device
      1. Stand and pee, a post-cesarean game-changer
    9. Evereve Disposable Period Panties
      1. More comfortable than pads for heavy postpartum flow
    10. haakaa Wearable Milk Collector
      1. Actually collects a substantial amount of breast milk
    11. Pampers Premium Diapers
      1. Wetness indicator is surprisingly reliable
    12. haaka Colostrum Collectors
      1. Debated effectiveness, but some parents swear by it
    13. Silverette Nursing Cups
      1. Keeps nipples protected when they're not in use
  2. Around birth
    1. SPECTRA Electric Breast Pump
      1. Hospital grade, a must-have if you're frequently pumping
    2. Skip Hop Diaper Caddy
      1. Lights up, sturdy, probably the most used product every day
    3. Dr. Brown's Bottle Warmer
      1. Warming or cooling the bottle takes longer than making the bottle
    4. Kinderkraft Bedside Crib
      1. Safest option for co-sleeping
    5. Baby Brezza Formula Dispenser
      1. High maintenance, but incredibly fast
    6. Cocoon Care Swaddle
      1. Baby falls asleep quicker and stays asleep longer
    7. Chicco Brush and Comb
      1. Tames even the wildest baby hair
    8. Mother Sparsh Laundry Liquid Detergent
      1. Machine-friendly, baby-friendly detergent
    9. SebaMed Baby Wash
      1. Gentle and safe for everyday use
    10. Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes
      1. Stock up, you'll need plenty
    11. LuvLap Silicone Baby Brush
      1. Affordable and great for cleaning bottles
  3. After birth
    1. Skip Hop Bath Tub
      1. Tear-free, happy baths
    2. Skip Hop Mug
      1. Keeps water out of baby's eyes
    3. Skip Hop Backpack
      1. Well-designed and practical diaper backpack
    4. Doona Travel Stroller
      1. Simple conversion from car seat to stroller
    5. Beurer Baby Weighing Scale
      1. Precise to the third decimal
    6. Nanit Pro Baby Monitor
      1. Pricey, but accurate non-invasive chest monitoring
    7. Baby Monitor Clamp
      1. Attaches the Nanit baby monitor to the crib
  4. Way after birth
    1. Skip Hop Potty Training Toilet
      1. A welcome change from constant diapering
    2. Graco Sway Swing
      1. A lifesaver when you're too tired to walk around
    3. Doona Trike
      1. The Mercedes of trikes